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PYR 0.5 CS is an insecticide with a flower-based active ingredient

The new PYR 0.5 CS comes from the experience of Kwizda Agro | Biocides: a powerful insecticide with one active plant-based ingredient (Pyrethrum), made stronger by a booster mix and by the micro encapsulating technology.

At a glance

PYR 0.5 CS is powered by the micro encapsulating technology guaranteeing a long-lasting effect up to one month. It is a product especially designed for white-label production. No synthetic actives or synergists are added. PYR 0.5 CS is an exclusive product by Kwizda Agro.


Powered by the micro encapsulating technology


A product designed for white-label production


No synthetic actives or synergists


A product exclusive by Kwizda Agro


Flower-based active ingredient

Unique long-lasting effect up to one month

Multi target control

Powerful booster mix

Long lasting insect control spray

PYR 0.5 CS is a  ready to use liquid solution for the control of a broad range of crawling and flying insects, especially designed for the household insecticide market as a white-label product.

More about PYR 0.5 CS

PYR 0.5 CS can be applied as a curative treatment or on the insects‘ route. It acts by a contact and chain effect, has a fast action, but also a long lasting effect. Multiple targets can be stopped by PYR 0.5 CS.


PYR 0.5 CS stops ants.

STOP Cockroaches

PYR 0.5 CS stops cockroaches.

STOP House flies

PYR 0.5 CS stops house flies.

STOP Mosquitoes

PYR 0.5 CS stops mosquitoes.

STOP Silverfish

PYR 0.5 CS stops silverfish.

STOP Spiders

PYR 0.5 CS stops spiders.

STOP Stinkbugs

PYR 0.5 CS stops stinkbugs.

STOP Wasps

PYR 0.5 CS stops wasps.

About Kwizda Agro | Biocides

PYR 0.5 CS is produced by Kwizda Agro | Biocides. Since 1926 Kwizda Agro | Biocides has been developing, formulating, manufacturing and registering insecticides for professional and amateur use on an international level.

More about Kwizda Agro | Biocides
Designed for white-label production

PYR 0.5 CS is especially designed towards your branding-needs completely via white-label production. Benefit of Kwizda Agro | Biocides core assets: research & development, production and circular economy packaging to upgrade your portfolio with this unique formulation under your very own brand. Get in touch with our sales team to produce this as a white-label product.

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