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PYR 0.5 CS

Ready to use liquid based on plant-origin active for long lasting effect

Your benefits:

  • Flower-based active: 
    Chrysanthemum extracted by supercritical CO2 extraction (Also used in the food industry)
  • Long lasting effect - 1 month:
    Advanced micro encapsulating technology protects the active and allows a controlled release
  • Powerful booster mix: 
    Formulation includes a complex that weakens the natural cuticle protection for an increased uptake of the active. NO PBO added
  • Effective RTU with flower-based active substance: 
    Wide spectrum of efficacy on crawling and flying insects
  • BPR submission in preparation 


  • Mosquitoes: Tiger mosquito, Common mosquito

  • Flying: House fly, Wasps

  • Roach: American-, German- and Oriental cockroach

  • Ants: Black Ant, Pharaoh ant

  • Crawling: Silverfish, Spider, Stink Bug


  • Direct spray:
    • 1 to 3 pumps (approximately 2ml)

  • Surface treatment: 
    • 50 ml/m² // 75 ml/m²​​​​​


  • Pure chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium extract from open and mature flowers of Tanacetum cinerariifolium obtained with supercritical carbondioxide: 0.5 g/L - PT 18
  • Contains a bittering agent to discourage accidental ingestion
PYR 0.5 CS

Package Size:

500 ml sprayer (carton of 12), 750 ml sprayer (carton of 12), 1000 ml sprayer (carton of 12)

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. This website is solely dedicated to B2B business.
Pyrethrum a flower-based active ingredient

PYR 0.5 CS contains pyrethrum - one active ingredient extracted from flowers. Pyrethrum is made from dried flower heads of the Chrysanthemum flower sourced from Tasmania. Pyrethrum-producing plants are harvested and sent to a processing plant for extraction and refining. This highly complex process, the extraction by supercritical CO₂, is low toxic and also used in the food industry. Pyrethrum has a good biodegradability when exposed to air, light or heat. As an insecticide, it acts mainly by contact blocking the transmission and the regulation of nerve signal, and causes death.

How to apply PYR 0.5 CS

Direct spray and surface treatment indoor and around buildings. Use as curative treatment: Application on the insects or on their route. Use as preventative treatment: Application on the treated area prevent the insects to return.

Application dose rate

Against cockroaches, house flies, silverfish and stinkbugs:
•    1 to 3 pumps on insect (approximately 2ml)
•    75 mL/m² for a surface treatment, spot or crack and crevice application

Against ants and mosquitoes:
•    1 to 3 pumps on insect (approximately 2ml)
•    50 mL/m² for a surface treatment, spot or crack and crevice application

Against spiders and wasps:
•    1 to 3 pumps on insect (approximately 2ml)


Application of PYR 0.5 CS in the bathroom


Application of PYR 0.5 CS in the bedroom


Application of PYR 0.5 CS in the kitchen

Living room

Application of PYR 0.5 CS in the living room


Application of PYR 0.5 CS on the terrace

No, PYR 0.5 CS does not smell. The presence of the natural Pyrethrum creates a slight botanical and pleasant odor, after application PYR 0.5 CS leaves no smell in the environment.

No, PYR 0.5 CS does not leave stains. On standard surfaces, the product does not stain. On brilliant surfaces or glass, the product could leave a light white patina easy to remove with water or normal cleaning products.

Spraying a biocidal product all over around is strongly not recommended, because it can cause a very high risk of contamination spreading the insecticide’s active ingredient on food, water or non-target organisms. PYR 0.5 CS is designed for a safe application with direct spraying and surface treatment creating a protection for a curative and preventive effect.

PYR 0.5 CS is designed for direct spraying and surface treatment creating a protection for a curative and preventive effect. The application in the area around you will prevent the attack of mosquitoes. PYR 0.5 CS is not designed for the contact with skin.

PYR 0.5 CS can be used around the household and in the presence of animals, following the direction of use. PYR 0.5 CS is designed with a trigger sprayer that allows a located application, reducing the risk of contamination that could occur in case of aerosol application. As a reminder, PYR 0.5 CS is not a veterinary product, it can not be applied directly on animals.

PYR 0.5 CS can be used for the treatment of green areas (Bushes and ornamental hedges, city parks, gardens, lawns and tree-lined avenues), this use is suggested in particular for the control of mosquitoes that usually rest hidden in the vegetation.

PYR 0.5 CS is not irritant. It is a biocidal insecticide product and not designed for skin application. In case of sensibility it could cause skin irritation. In case of contact with the product wash the exposed skin after use.

Designed for white-label production

PYR 0.5 CS is especially designed towards your branding-needs completely via white-label production. Benefit of Kwizda Agro | Biocides core assets: research & development, production and circular economy packaging to upgrade your portfolio with this unique formulation under your very own brand. Get in touch with our sales team to produce this as a white-label product.

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